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Marina di Modica - A small seaside resort in the South of Sicily

the beach of Marina di Modica in Sicily in front of the bungalow park La Perla di Sicilia

Marina di Modica is situated directly by the seaside, between Sampieri and Pozzallo, on the most southern part of Sicily. There is a large bay with a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by numerous dunes. Marina di Modica is the ideal recreational spot for families, young and older people.

the beach of Marina di Modica in Sicily in front of the bungalow park La Perla di Sicilia

In July and August, however, the Italians´vacation time, the quiet resort town really comes to life. There are sports activities on the beach, market stalls on the boardwalk, live bands and folklore in the "Piazetta", as well as numerous bars and discotheques.

the beach walk of Marina di Modica in front of the bungalow park La Perla di Sicilia

From the city square a wonderful seafront begins. Here,  every sunday in the off-season and every day in the peak season marketeers are placed for selling jewellery, clothes, bags, and toys.

the main place of Marina di Modica in front of the bungalow park La Perla di Sicilia

In July and August, a market with a numerous number of stands for fruit, cheese, and clothes takes place at the end of the seafront where a big public place directly to the sea is located.
Restaurants, bars, ice cream parlours, supermarkets, and much more can be found either in locality or directly in the seaside. Fresh seafood and shopping malls can be reached in a few minutes by car from Marina di Modica.

the beach of Marina di Modica in Sicily in front of the bungalow park La Perla di Sicilia


Warm temperatures in the low season - still a great place for swimming - and spring like conditions in winter permit endless walks along the boardwalk or along the beach and the scenic coastline - with or without your dog.

Marina di Modica is certainly one of the few spots in Sicily that has not yet been overcrowded by tourism. Here, as well as in all of the region of Ragusa, you can get to know the real Sicilian life!



Pictures of Marina di Modica

Pozzallo und Modica

baroc city of Modica in Sicily


Only 6 km away from our small bungalow park is the fishing village Pozzallo. Here you can find all your shopping needs, including fresh fish, and a beautiful "Piazza" surrounded by palm trees.

church of San Giorgio in Modica Sicilz

The baroque city of Modica is just a 15 minute drive away from Marina di Modica. This is a real Sicilian town, full of live from early in the morning till late at night. Very impressive is the old part of Modica with many baroque churches, like the "Dome of San Giorgio".


Hiking in the South of Sicily

natural reserve cave Cava Grande del Cassibile Sicily

From our holiday homes you can reach numerous interesting and beautiful nature reserves, like the Cava d`Ispica, the Cava Grande del Cassibile and the bird sanctuary Vendicari, with his withe natural beaches.

Of course, the beaches and coastal paths directly in front of our holiday resorts are also great for hiking or just walking.


natural reserve cave Cava Grande del Cassibile Sicily

CAVA GRANDE - Swimming in freshwater lakes and waterfalls


The Grand Canyon of Sicily - the nature reserve Cava Grande del Cassibile is located only about 1 hour from our holiday fesorts.

This beautiful canyon in the mountains from Avola Antica, is perfect for hiking, in combination with bathing in cold crystal clear fresh water lakes.

In the approx 10 km canyon, you can walk along typical mediterrean vegetation, like colorful oleanders and huge plantans.

The descent usually takes just over 30 minutes. Than finally arrived in the bottom of the cave, you can decide wether you want to go the entire plateau or simple relax in refreshing water lakes.

natural reserves in the South of Sicily near the bungalow park La Perla di Sicilia

CAVA D´ISPICA – Caves and graves


From Marina di Modica you reach the 13km long limestone canyon Cava d`Ispica in just 15 minutes. It is located between Ispica and Modica. In this wonderful natural reserve you walk, past big hazelnut-, pomegranate- and citrus trees, along fragrant ointment busches and blooming oleander.

Impressive are the prehistoric tombs and Chistian catacombs, which can be visited in the canyon.

bird natural reserve Vendicari Sicily


VENDICARI – Bird reserve and natural beaches


After just an hour by car from our holiday homes, you reach the Vendicari bird reserve. This 1500 hectare aerea between the beaches of Eloro in the north and San Lorenzo / Marzamemi in the south, is one of the most important and largest bird sanctuaries in the Mediterrean area.

In addition to more than 200 bird species (seasonal), one can observe flocks of flamingos, particulary in the winter and spring time.

Hiking through the nature bird resvere Vendicari with it`s beautiful natural beaches, you can visit the "Tonnara di Vendicar" or "Torre Sveva", an old tuna factory. Do not miss a refreshing bath into the crystal clear sea of Vendicari.Apart from the main months of July and August, the small bay "Calamosche" is a real insider tip.

THE MOUNT ETNA - Hiking of the largest active volcano of Europe

At an altitude of 3352m, the Etna tower over the north-east of Sicily. Regularly there are smaller and larger volcanic eruptions.

volcano Mount Etna Sicily

Hiking of the Volcano Etna is a challenge for everyone. The sharp-edged lava rock, the differences in altitude and poisonous sulfur fights at the edge of the crater, are an adventurous undertaking.

There are numerous hiking trails, for everyone.


volcano Mount Etna Sicily

Also for visitors who don`t want to walk too much, the Etna is a real experience.

At the "rifugio sapienza", the cable car and also guide tours, starts to the top of volcano.

In September, the pistachio festival "La festa del pistacchio" and in October the "Ottobrata", are worth a trip to the Etna.

Don`t hasitate to ask us - we will be happy to provide you with excursions tips.

Hiking impressions of the east and south of Sicily